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No cure for grey hair

Last updated: 6.30pm, Wednesday 30th March 2016 by

"A cure to dye for … the end of grey hair is in sight."

Several other media outlets have also reported enthusiastically about the discovery of a gene for grey hair, and how this could pave the way for new treatments to prevent – or reverse – greying. The stories are a based on a study that analysed the DNA sequence of more than 6,000 people from Latin America to try to identify genetic markers associated with hair features, such as greying and balding. The researchers found 18 genetic markers associated with facial or head hair, 10 of which had not previously been linked to hair traits. However, though these markers were associated with the colour, texture, density and distribution of hair, we don't know whether they have a direct influence on these traits. It is likely that many different genetic markers and associated genes affect our hair, and it is too early to herald a cure for grey hair based on the findings of this study alone. Right now there's nothing we can do to alter the genetic make-up of our hair. Even if the genetics were fully understood, other factors, such as age, contribute to hair turning grey

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