Medicine Compliance Aids


Medicine Compliance Aids

We understand how confusing it can be if you have to take two or more different medications several times each day.

To help make this easier for you, we can supply you with a weekly ‘compliance tray’. This is a pack which has a row for every day of the week, with each row divided into ‘morning’, ‘lunchtime’, ‘teatime’ and ‘night’. We fill each compartment with your different medications and all you need to do is pop them out at the right time of day.

Compliance trays give everyone peace of mind - including patients, family members and carers - as they help avoid medication mix-ups, and so greatly reducing the chances of missing a dose or even taking a double dose. We can supply compliance trays free of charge and deliver them free to your door each week. And because we manage the medication you take, you don’t need to worry about ordering repeats - we take care of that for you.

If you would like to find out more about compliance trays for yourself, relative or person you care for, please speak to your local Willis Pharmacist.


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