NHS Smoking Cessation Service


NHS Smoking Cessation Service

Stopping smoking is tough, we understand that. It’s even harder if you try to do it alone, so let us help you.

At Willis Pharmacy we want to help people enjoy the health and financial benefits which come with stopping smoking. So we offer a Stop Smoking Service, provided FREE by the NHS, over a 10 week programme. Our Pharmacists and Stop Smoking Advisors are specially trained to give you expert help and advice to support you every step of the way, from initially breaking the habit, to staying off cigarettes for good.

Here’s how our Stop Smoking Service works:

  • Initial Consultation
    You come into your local Willis Pharmacy for a private consultation with our Pharmacist or Stop Smoking Advisor, which takes around 15 minutes. During this time we’ll agree a quit date and work out the best way for you to stop.
  • Nicotine Replacement Therapy (NRT)
    Often we recommend NRT to help you break your nicotine addiction. This comes in different forms including patches and gum. It’s important the right option is chosen to suit your individual needs, so we’ll discuss that with you. We supply the nicotine replacement products to you free of charge.
  • Week 1
    Before or on your agreed quit date, you pop back into the pharmacy for a 5 minute consultation and to pick up your first week’s supply of NRT.
  • Weeks 2 to 10
    You call in once a week to collect your supplies. You can pop in and out quickly, or you can have a chat with the Pharmacist or Stop Smoking Advisor about how you’re getting on. Our staff are here to help you, and will be only too happy to support you if you need a bit of extra encouragement.

Evidence has shown that if you take part in a recognised Stop Smoking Service, you’re 4 times more likely to quit compared to using willpower alone. So make your appointment today.

Willis Pharmacy, Scotstoun
To make an appointment, call 0141 959 2551

Willis Pharmacy, Park Hall,Clydebank
To make an appointment, call 0141 952 7066

Coatbridge Pharmacy, Coatbridge
To make an appointment, call 01236 433623


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