Blister Packs

Keep Track Of Your Medication

Are you taking different medications and struggling to keep track? We understand! Our expert team will divide your medication into separate pill compartments in a blister pack, clearly marked with when it should be taken. We all need a little help sometimes, so let your local pharmacy help you

What is a Blister pack?

A Blister pack, also known as a dosette box, helps you take the correct tablets at the right time of day. Made of recyclable cardboard and plastic they are organised by time of day and day of the week. This makes it easy for you to make sure you're taking the correct medicine and dose at the right time of the day. If you are on multiple medications, it can be really difficult to keep track - Blister packs can help keep you right and make sure your health stays on track.

Who can order a Blister pack?

If you are on 4 or more NHS repeat prescription medications, then our free of charge Blister pack service is perfect for you - especially if you struggle with remembering to order or take your medication at the right times.

How can I order a Blister Pack?

Currently there is a waiting list for blister packs. Please register an interest to join the list.

Our dispensing robot

Our dispensing robot is an extra pair of accurate, quick, and safe hands, freeing up our pharmacists to do what they do best – advising, treating, and supporting your healthcare.

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