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The Healthcare System in Glasgow

5th July 1948: NHS Scotland officially begins operating. Over 70 years have passed, and NHS Scotland is still considered as a pioneer in healthcare across the world. Read more

Flu Jab Service in Glasgow - Get Protected this Winter

In 2017, it was estimated that more than 8 million people were hit by the flu in the United Kingdom. Unfortunately, the occurrence of the flu in the thousands of people happens virtually every year leaving them to suffer the effects. Read more

High-flavonoid foods, like berries and apples, 'prevent weight gain’

"Get fruity to get fit: Eat more berries to beat a big belly,” Read more

Quitting smoking overnight 'better than cutting down gradually’

"Want to quit smoking? Forget trying to cut down, if you really want to kick the habit 'going cold turkey is the best option'," is the headline from the Mail Online. Read more

New blood test can detect a range of inherited heart conditions

"A new blood test could help diagnose people with inherited heart conditions," BBC News reports Read more

No cure for grey hair

"A cure to dye for … the end of grey hair is in sight." Read more

Vets respond to health and welfare strategy for Scotland’s livestock

BVA Scottish Branch calls for more recognition of the vital role of veterinary surgeons. Read more

Leading health organisations call for proper use of antibiotics

Leading health organisations join forces for the first time to promote a ‘One Health’ approach to ensure responsible guardianship of antibiotics
Read more