Repeat prescriptions? There’s an app for that!

Written by: Mairi Clare

For better or worse, when we need to do something – make a payment, check an address or send an email - our phones are our first port of call. Is it any wonder that we feel so lost when we accidentally leave them at home or – worse – lose them altogether?

While there’s lots to criticise about our increasing reliance on our phones, and the impact that many of the social media platforms we access from them have, there’s no getting away from how much easier and more convenient they have made our lives. That tiny but powerful computer-in-your-pocket makes trailing round the supermarket, booking an appointment at the hairdressers or queuing at the bank (almost) a thing of the past. And while there’s no replacement for face-to-face communication in certain situations, ordering and re-ordering prescriptions is one chore that most of us would rather deal with in the space of minutes while waiting for the kettle to boil. When the alternative might mean trying to get through on a busy phone line during your lunch break or travelling somewhere to fill in and return a paper form, it’s a no-brainer – no matter how you might feel about the latest iPhone.

We pride ourselves on our friendly, expert teams in our local pharmacies. They’re always on hand to give advice or support you with decisions about your health. But we understand that your lives are busy and that convenience is often key. That’s why we’ve partnered with Healthera, the NHS-approved app that is designed to make it easy to track all your prescriptions from your phone.

We’ve worked with them because their app is really straightforward and easy to use. Even if you’re not much of a fan of technology, the menu makes it really clear what you need to do. Download the app, fill in your details, place your order and then we take over. We’ll pick up your prescription and let you know when it’s ready to collect or be delivered to you. Saving you precious time to do something you actually enjoy (posting your latest selfie on Instagram or moving up a few more levels on Candy Crush). Download our Healthera app now.


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Download our free prescription app

We’ve partnered with Healthera to bring you an app that lets you order and manage your repeat prescriptions straight from your mobile device. We’ll even deliver to your home completely free of charge.


The Healthera App

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The Healthera App

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